On January 2nd, 2024, Shunxin Machinery received an industrial dryer inquiry from Lithuania. And this customer expressed interest in our drying machine. Moreover, the client sought drying solution regarding the feasibility of our rotary drum dryer for drying Fe2O3 and silica sand. Thus, the following is the subsequent communication process, including equipment information, and the recommended proposal we provided to meet the Lithuanian client’s specific needs.

Mineral Processing Silica Sand Rotary Dryer

What Are Drying Requirements of Lathuanian Customer?

Our team has held in-depth conversations with Lithuanian clients via effective communication channels. Then, we identified their specific needs, including the desired drying capacity, moisture reduction targets, and existing infrastructure considerations. Also, we know they’re making industrial materials and want to dry 2 tons of Fe2O3 and silica sand per hour. Besides, they hope to control the moisture content below 5%, with a budget of approximately $10,000.

What Drying Solutions Do We Offer for Drying Fe2O3 & Silica Sand in Lithuania?

Industrial Sand Drum Dryer for Sale

Our expert engineers acted fast after doing an examination of customer demands. Hence, we recommended this small model of rotary drum dryerSXHG-1010, which can dry 2-4 tons of Fe2O3 and silica sand per hour. Meanwhile, the price is about $6,000. In addition, it can fully meet their drying needs, ensuring that the water content after drying is below 5%. And we promise to customize solutions with a focus on optimizing heat source selection, improving heat transfer efficiency, and adopting advanced control technology. As a result, these enhancements seek to maximize performance in the drying of Fe2O3 and silica sand while reducing energy usage and preserving product quality.

What Equipment in Our Industrial Drying Solutions for Lithuanian Customer?

After communicating with the customer, we cancelled the rotary cooler and made the budget meet their needs. Following careful analysis and extensive consultation, we offer an upgraded supporting facility, 6C induced draft fan, which has a big air volume and a solid frame made of carbon steel.

Auxiliary Devices of Industrial Drum Dryer

Additionally, our Lithuanian customer are concerned that the hardness of Fe2O3 and silica sand may damage the dryer. We inform customer not to worry about this. Because we will cover the inner wall of the drum with anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coatings to provide maximum normal operating duration and service life while minimizing maintenance downtime and expenses.

Finally, Lithuanian customer have inquired about measures to reduce energy costs, as their coal and natural gas rely on imports. Because diesel costs are cheap, we have customized diesel combustion engine and hot blast furnace for them. In summary, they can effectively remove moisture and produce consistent and high-quality drying products by applying our equipment.

What After-sales Service Do We Offer for Lithuanian Customer?

Shunxin Plant Picture

In Shunxin, our commitment to our clients extends beyond just delivering appropriate drying solutions. For one thing, we provide comprehensive training and technical support to our customer to ensure a smooth transition and effective operation of rotary drum dryer. Additionally, we offer a responsive 7*24h after-sales service, addressing any inquiries promptly and providing necessary spare parts when needed. Besides, we inform our Lithuanian customer that it is in stock. And we can send out the dryer in 7-15 days with a one-year warranty.

In conclusion, we successfully closed the deal with our client from Lithuania. In addition to drying iron oxide and silica sand, our drying machine is capable of handling various other products such as agricultural crops, biomass, and minerals. Should you have any further inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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