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Cow Manure Dewatering Machine in Indonesia

Indonesia is an island country with relatively limited land and resources, which inhibits the growth of animal husbandry. Besides, Java is the main area for livestock farming. However, during the breeding process, this will generate a substantial amount of waste like livestock manure. Thus, the disposal of these waste items is a local concern as well. For example, on 29th August 2023, a customer from Indonesia contacted us for a manure dewatering machine. The following are the specific details of this case:

Requirement of This Indonesian Customer

Our customer, Greenfields, is a large Indonesian company in the east Java that produces and sells dairy products. They told us their farm of raw material supply has more than 9,000 cows, and small farmer’s greenfields have 200 cows. Due to the local hot and humid weather, a large amount of untreated feces pollutes the environment for raising cows, thereby affecting the quality of milk products. Therefore, they ask us about a dehydrator that suits their production.

Which Is Dewatering Machine Suitable For Indonesian Customer?

Generally speaking, one dairy cow can generate 6 tons poop per year on average, so it may approximately produce 20-30 kg cow manure. Hence, this customer’s farm has an amazing output of more than 9,000 cows’ feces, about 180-270 tons per day.

Therewith, we have proposed two dewatering machines which are suitable for Greenfields’ actual production needs.

Cow Farm

Inclined Dewatering Machine

One is the inclined dewatering machine. It mainly achieves the dehydration process through the diagonal screening mesh. After the cow manure enters into the machine, under the action of centrifugal and vibration force, you can remove the water to a certain degree, leaving relatively dry substances.

Specifications of Cow Dung Inclined Dewatering Machine

    • Model: SXTS-800
    • Capacity: 15-20 m³/h
    • Power: 4 kw
    • Dimensions: 1700*1500*1300 mm

Inclined Dewatering Machine

Another is the screw press dewatering machine. It pushes the cow manure forward through the rotation of the spiral shaft, while separating the water from solid parts through the filter screen to achieve dehydration effect. Relatively speaking, the processing capacity of this dehydrator is not as strong as the inclined dewatering machine.

Specifications of Cow Dung Screw Press Dewatering Machine

    • Model: SXTS-230
    • Capacity: 15-20 m³/h
    • Power: 5.5 kw
    • Dimensions: 1850*800*1150 mm

What Is The Moisture of Cow Manure After Dehydration?

General overview

The moisture content of cow manure after dehydration by the inclined dewatering machine or screw press dewatering machine typically ranges between 30% to 40%. Nevertheless, we have also provided corresponding explanations to the customers.

Detailed description

If you need to treat a big volume of cow dung with above 80% moisture, we recommend SXTS-800. After all, its processing power is sufficient. However, this machine processes cow dung with a high concentration of impurities. At this time, we suggest considering SXTS-230 if you wish to further turn cow feces into fertilizer to produce benefits. Its dehydrating impact is superior to the former.

What Is The Cost of The Cow Manure Dewatering Manure?

Small agricultural dehydrators are often inexpensive, making them ideal for small-scale farms or personal usage. In addition, industrial dewatering equipment are popular in the large-scale waste treatment and organic fertilizer manufacture, which may be more expensive. Besides, the price can also be affected by factors such as equipment configuration, processing capacity, material quality, and technical qualities.

For example, the inclined dehydrator generally costs between $3000-4500. Due to its whole body nearly constructed of stainless steel and the strong production capacity, it is normally $1000-1500 more costly than the screw press dehydrator. To acquire precise pricing information, it is best to contact us directly for customization. Furthermore, you can refer to our official information on the Alibaba includes equipment models, characteristics, and pricing ranges.

The above are the details about the case of our customers from Indonesia. Except manure dewatering machine, our drum dryer also can be of use to reduce moisture. For more details about material drying process, please feel free to contact us.

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