In the last month, we received a maize drying machine inquiry from India. The client expressed their interest in finding a suitable solution for drying maize efficiently and effectively. In response, we engaged in detailed discussions to understand their requirements and offer them the best recommendation.

Mobile Maize Dryer for Sale

What Are Drying Requirements of Indian Customer?

This Indian client stated that they operate a large corn plantation covering approximately 1.67 hectares. So they urgently need two drum dryers to dry 100 tons of corn every day. They are seeking a solution that can effectively dry corn and ensure high-quality yield, hoping to reduce the corn’s moisture from 18% to 14%. For this, we engaged in thorough discussions with the client to better understand their requirements and develop an appropriate solution.

We recommend the latest grain dryer to Indian customer!

Double Cylinder Type Portable Grain Dryer

After careful analysis of our customer’s requirements and considering the various options available, we determine on the mobile dryer with the 6 tons of volume as the best solution for drying corn in India. Besides, SXHG-6T can dry 60 tons of maize every day with the power of 24kw. So we can renovate it and build two vertical drying cylinders on a mobile trailer, with a daily output of 120 tons and the power of 27kw. Therefore, they can reduce the need for additional infrastructure construction, as well as energy consumption and costs.

Why to Buy Mobile Corn Dryer Instead of Drum Dryer in India?

There are mainly the following aspects. Firstly, considering the rainy and humid weather in India, it poses great difficulties for the drying work. Unlike drum dryers, which are limited to a fixed location, you can move our portable grain dryer easily anywhere, finishing drying tasks regardless of the local climate and harvest time variations. In addition, our dryer is equipped with a awning cover and we can also customize with a 304 stainless steel cylinder to prevent rusting.

New Mobile Grain Dryer for Corn or Maize
Drum Drying Machine for Sale

Under the same production capacity, a mobile maize dryer can save 40% energy compared to a drum dryer, and its price is also 20% cheaper than the latter. Meanwhile, it doesn’t take up space yet. For example, the model of drum dryer, SXHG-1818, requires at least 18 meters length of open space, while SXHG-6T+6T only requires 8 to accommodate the trailer.

What Equipment Is Included in Our Corn Drying Solution for India?

To facilitate the drying process, we suggest Indian customer installing 4 high-performance small air fans on the trailer. This type of fan generates strong airflow, promoting better moisture evaporation in corn and reducing drying time. Thus, the portable maize dryer can take about 0.5-2 hours to dry a batch.

The customer hopes that we can modify the heat source supply equipment to save energy consumption. Hence, we customize biomass burner and hot air stove for this purpose. You can use biomass fuels such as straw, corn cobs, and rice husks to save a significant amount of energy costs.

Finally, due to the height of the drying cylinder reaching 9 meters, we have installed a bucket elevator for Indian customer to help the corn dryer feed more automatically.

Auxiliary Devices of Portable Corn Dryer for Sale

Through effective communication and understanding of our client’s requirements, we successfully reached a deal with our Indian client. In addition to drying maize, we can also dry other products, such as wheat, rice, and soybeans. If you have any inquiries or further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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