Dung Dewatering Drying Machine

As is well-known, farms can use fresh manure as fertilizer. So why dry it? It’s not that simple to make manure into fertilizer! Dung dewatering drying machine is the best assistant.

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Various Animal Dung in Dewatering Machine

Top 3 Methods to Reduce Moisture of Manure

Natural Ventilating Drying of Manure

This is the common way of drying manure to put fresh manure evenly on a concrete floor or plastic cloth. And by frequent turning, these raw materials are dried naturally. This drying method has the advantages of low costs and easy operation, but spends long drying time.

Mechanical Dehydration of Animal Dung

This method usually appears in the pre-treatment of raw materials for organic fertilizer production. For example, you can use it to dry animal dung with high water content such as pig manure, often higher than 65%.

The High Temperature Drying of Fertilizer

In a word, high temperature drying, just as the name implies, evaporates water through heat. The rotary drum dryer reduce the moisture content of livestock and poultry feces to less than 13% under the action of high temperature above 300℃.

Nevertheless, traditional natural drying processes animal dung on a small scale which can not meet the requirements of general factories’ output.

Coincidentally, it is prone to be of influence by the season and weather, and easy to produce odor which does harm to the environment.

Besides, it occupies a large amount of space areas. Hence, it is not suitable as the main technique for intensive livestock and poultry farms, but for small-scale farms.

As a result, we still suggest you choosing a right dung dewatering drying machine for organic fertilizer production.

At this time, it is generally necessary to use the dewatering machine for mechanical dehydration.

Moreover, this machine apply the extrusion, sedimentation, filtration, centrifugal separation, etc., to make the moisture of dung less than 40%.

Although its drying effect is worse that the drum dryer, it has lower energy consumption.

It uses many times more energy consumption than mechanical dehydration.

However, this method is not affected by the weather, can produce large-scale fertilizer, and dry quickly.

Meanwhile, it can achieve deodorization, sterilization, weeding and other effects.

Hence, it is suitable for large farms or industrial fertilizer plants.

Where to Buy The Appropriate Dung Dewatering Drying Machine?20 Years Experience Drying Equipment Manufacturer

Our company, Shunxin, is the professional drying dewatering equipment manufacturer with 20 years production experience. In addition, we independently develop and manufacture fertilizer production equipment for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer production.

Henan Yushunxin Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd

our dewatering machine advantages

Stainless Steel

Advantages of Using Stainless Steel

  • High strength, wear resistance, durability, corrosion resistance.

  • Compared with the similar equipment in this industry, the service life of our dewatering machine is twice as long!

  • Our filter screen won’t easily block with good filtration, and adapt to material characteristics to maximize performance.

Manganese Alloy

Advantages of Using Manganese Alloy

  • Increasing the hardness and strength of structure or compressive strength, as well as improving the mechanical properties.

  • Enhancing wear resistance and extending the service life.

  • Reducing the possibility of oxidization and sulfur gas, thereby reducing the pores and impurities, as well as improving the quality of the dewatering machine.

We recommend the rotary drum dryer with good drying effect!

Primarily, the rotary dryer has wide range of production capacity of 1-18 t/h, with strong production continuity and good sealing. Moreover, the dust and water vapor are removed by the corresponding induced draft fan at the tail of the machine. As a result, the operating environment is clean and hygienic.

Secondly, we adopts flange connection or direct welding, so the main cylinder is not easy to deform. Meanwhile, it is suitable for the situations of large fluctuations in pressure, high temperature, or high pressure.

What’s more, we can customize different sizes of dryers according to your demand and production capacity, and we will also design suitable supporting facilities for you.

Why Do You Dry Dung to Produce Fertilizer?Take The Chicken Manure As An Example

According to research, chicken manure is a relatively high-quality organic fertilizer, which contains about 1.63%, 1.54%, and 0.085% of nitrogen, phosphorus (P2O5), and potassium (K2O) elements. However, if you don’t treat chicken manure and apply it directly, this greatly does harm to crops with hidden dangers.

Raw chicken manure has a high degree of moisture content without the drying process. Certainly, it has a variety of weed seeds, parasites and germs, etc. If you only apply a small amount of chicken manure on plants, this will not work. However, if the chicken manure is more, then it is easy to appear more weeds, pests and diseases, and even cause the plant roots burning.

The dewatering drying process is mostly harmless treatment. After drying, you can reduce some bacteria. Furthermore, through the composting fermentation, you can completely deal with weed seeds, germs, and pests at a high temperature. Thus, dung dewatering drying machine makes manure safer than the untreated, whether to store or to immediately apply!

Dung dewatering drying machine can effectively reduce the moisture content of chicken manure. Therefore, this is helpful for convenient transportation and lowering its costs. Besides, it can extend the shelf life of finished fertilizers from chicken manure and reduce acquisition costs.

chicken manure
Dung Dewatering Drying Machines for Sale

In addition, except dry chicken manure, dung dewatering drying machine produces other fertilizers are similarly popular! For instance, it can be commonly of use to process various other types of manure such as cow dung, pig manure, and sheep manure. Also, it proves effective for drying organic materials like food waste, sewage sludge, and organic compost, making it a versatile solution for agricultural and waste management applications.

Above all, we can deliver the whole machine to reduce the installation difficulty for you, and guarantee that the machine will not be damaged during transportation.

Furthermore, we have plenty of stock. If you are interested, contact us in time, and we can ship the machine for you as soon as possible!

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