Sludge Drying Equipment

In urban development and industrial activities, it’s quite frequent to discharge a large amount of wastewater. At this moment, it occurs heavy sediment, namely sludge. Most chemical factories and water purification plants are concerned about how to address this issue. As a result, our company designs a specialist drying equipment — sludge drying equipment. It is developed and constructed specifically for materials with high moisture, high viscosity, and low calorific value.

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What Industries Or Wastewater Treatment Processes Benefit The MostFrom The Application of Sludge Drying Equipment?

The mud dryer is commonly be of use to dry activated sludge, sewage sludge, petrochemical sludge, paper sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, tannery sludge, electroplating sludge, municipal sludge, bio-fermentation bacterial waste, distillating dregs and other high humidity materials. General speaking, these materials have the characteristics of high moisture, high viscosity, and low calorific value.

Why is this dryer suitable for industrial sludge drying? Because rotary sludge dryer can dry high moisture materials with an initial moisture content about 85% at one time to the final moisture of less than 12%. Besides, sludge drying time is short, usually 2-10 minutes, and the sewage sludge drying temperature can reach 700℃, so it suits for commercial production on a large scale. After slurry dehydration and drying, the moisture content and the volume is reduced, so are the transportation costs.

How About The Sludge Drying Market Size?

The finished products of the dry sludge has flexible applications, depending on the drying technique and the properties of the dried materials. Here are some sales channels to expand your business.

Agricultural Applicability

The sludge treated by sludge dryers is rich in organic matter and nutrients, and can serve as the soil conditioner. Because it can improve soil structure, increase soil water retention and permeability, and provide the nutrients required by plants.

Biofuel Production

Some types of sludge products can be used as biomass fuel. These sludge after the drying process can be burned to generate energy, such as for heating or power generation. And as a renewable resource, it has little pollution and low energy consumption.

Engineering Materials

For one thing, you can add certain types of sludge products to building materials, such as bricks or concrete, to enhance their strength and durability. For another thing, you can make dry sludge as filler materials, such as filling soil or landfills in civil engineering.

Fertilizer Production

You can reprocess sludge after the drying disposal with the organic fertilizer production equipment to transfer into fertilizer. Its organic matter and nutrient composition have a positive impact on soil fertility. You can contact us for more production projects.

Where to Buy The Sludge drying Equipment?

Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading hi-tech enterprise. In addition, we are engaged in producing drying equipment, integrating product research and development, manufacturing, and sales. Furthermore, our company continuously introduces advanced foreign technology and independent research and development, and has formed special product characteristics. As a professional manufacturer of drying equipment and drying projects, we welcome inquiries from domestic and foreign customers, and give comfortable sludge drying service experience.

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With 20 years of accumulated experience in technology research and development, we hold more than 100 professional engineering and technical talents. Moreover, we make strict quality inspection standards and components to guarantee the equipment which is reliable and durable.

Our rotary drum dryer can apply various clean heat sources that are optional such as steam, gas, fuel, biomass, etc. In addition, we can equip the sludge dryer with the multi-level dust removal system. After the disposal of dust collector, the exhaust emission has the least negative impact on the environment.

Our company are free of charge to design the excellent energy-saving drying plans for you according to your requirements. More importantly, the plan includes sludge dryer machine price, the materials of the dryer, the brand and specifications of the main accessories, and shipping costs. Thus, we make the clear labeling of all costs to help our customers understand their purchase.

After the equipment is delivered to the buyer, the warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, no matter what parts are damaged, we will send them free of charge and provide free services.

Shunxin Machinery

Parameters of Sludge Dryer

Mud Dryer Parameters

How does a sludge dryer work?

Sludge drying facility mainly contains the screw conveyor, induced draft fan, the feeding machine, heating source equipment, the rotating cylinder, the dispersion device, the discharge machine, deodorant equipment and the electric cabinet.

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Why to Choose SX Drying Machinery?Stable Sludge Drying Performance

Sludge drying system by our design employs new technique for  crushing and dispersing sludge primarily and then drying it thermally. Thus, our equipment realizes continuous, industrialized and automated slurry treatment. Due to the processes’ introduction such as crushing, dispersion, anti-sticking, and moving forward in a spiral during the sludge drying process, you can greatly improve the drying efficiency and solve the problem of sludge agglomeration.

Our sludge drum dryer applies wear-resistant steel plates to make the main cylinder body, and we reform the internal structure of the traditional drum. Moreover, we hold horizontal rotary drum dryer, which the interior of the drum is welded with a variety of sheets with different angles of staggered arrangement. According to customers’ different needs, we can design thermal insulation layer with the refractory matter in the lining of drum dryer.

Our sludge rotary dryer uses the new transmission device. In comparison to general sludge dryer, you can save the coal consumption nearly 20%, which saves costs a lot. In addition, our company’s research and development department renovates and updates the heating system after years of efforts. As a result, you can choose biogass particles as the heat source. As a renewable resource, its cost is much lower than gas and fuel oil, greatly reducing project operating costs.

Sludge dryers enhance efficiency and eco-friendliness through energy recovery. Heat exchangers transfer heat from drying process exhaust gases to incoming sludge, preheating before entering the drying chamber, minimizing energy consumption. Cogeneration systems in some dryers generate electricity or alternative energy from drying heat. Waste heat, a byproduct, finds purpose in facility applications like space heating or powering industrial processes.

The sealing ring on the sludge drying equipment, which effectively reduces flue gas and dust overflow. Besides, the tail of this dryer has specialized dust removal equipment to filter, cleanse, and minimize the exhaust fumes, ensuring the gas meets emission standards. What’s mire, the entire drying process achieves automatic control, has a high level of intelligence, is simple and convenient to operate, and can be controlled by only 2-3 persons.

And beyond that, we also provide heat pump sludge dryer, electric sludge dryer, low temperature sludge dryer, thermal sludge dryer and many optional models of sludge drying equipment for your needs! We have stock supply. If you need it, please contact us in a timely manner and we will ship it to you as soon as possible.

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