Tips for Drying Poultry Dung

Poultry manure is a valuable organic fertilizer rich in nutrients, and its composition can vary depending on the different types. The most common types of poultry manure come from chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese. Here are some tips for drying poultry dung.

Are you considering investing in a fertilizer drying machine to produce high-quality organic fertilizer from poultry manure? SX chicken manure drying equipment utilizes a rotating drum to quickly dry the material at high temperatures, effectively transforming almost poultry manure into granular or powdered organic fertilizer.

However, to ensure optimal performance and product quality, it’s essential for each customer to follow specific guidelines when using the rotary drum dryer for poultry manure processing. Here are some important tips from Shunxin, a professional equipment manufacturer, to consider.

Tip 1Pre-treatment Process of Drying Poultry Manure

Impurity Removal of Poultry Dung

Semi-wet Material Crusher

Before introducing chicken manure into the drying machine, you should make a pre-treatment to eliminate large particles, impurities, and foreign objects. This precautionary step prevents potential damage to the drying machine.

Try our semi-wet material crusher! We do not design it with the screen mesh. That is to say, various types of materials can be of application, even if substances soaked in water can also do. Thus, we absolutely ensure our machine can’t be blocked by high wet materials.

These shredders are usually equipped with special blades or hammerheads, using corrosion-resistant materials or special surface coatings. Because of strong abilities of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, you can use them to strike or cut wet materials into smaller particles, often around 50 mesh.

Dehydration Process of Poultry Dung

The drying machine is typically designed for materials with moderate moisture levels. If your poultry manure has high moisture content, it is advisable to use a chicken manure dehydrator first. This is because dewatering treatment can significantly improve drying efficiency, reduce energy consumption and drying time. Meanwhile, it can reduce the caking and squishy situations’ occurrence in the drying process, and improve the uniformity and quality of the finished products after drying.

Look at our screw press dewatering machine! This equipment has proven to be exceptionally effective in separating solid and liquid components from poultry waste. In addition, it employs a mechanical process that efficiently extracts excess moisture from the manure, significantly reducing its water content from above 65% to below 30-40%.

Hence, it not only aids in the handling and transportation of the processed material but also enhances the overall efficiency of subsequent treatment processes. Our solid-liquid separation machine is known for its reliability, ease of operation, and low maintenance requirements. More importantly, it has reasonable price, approximately 1,600-1,800 dollars.

Dehydration Process of Poultry Dung

When you make organic fertilizer from poultry faeces, you’d better to do compost process for killing diseased eggs and bacteria. During this process, you need to add with additives and fermentation strains after dehydration. Moreover, one thing you should know fermentation process requires materials with certain moisture content, and it can also make the water content down.

Rail Type Compost Turner for Sale

Rail Type Composter

If you want to produce organic fertilizer on a large scale or industrially, it’s time to see our rail type fermentation technique. According to your manufacturing needs in the output, efficiency, cost, etc., we provide three different types of compost equipment for your options — groove type compost machine, wheel type compost machine or chain plate type compost machine.

Self-propelled Compost Machine

Windrow Type Composter

If you have the limited space, we recommend our customer to choose windrow fermentation process. In a word, you can pile up materials into long strips with 0.6-1.5m height and 2.4-3m width. Either the moving type or crawler type compost turner can meet your production requirements.

Vertical Fermentation Pot


Beside, there is another equipment for harmless treatment with sealed working environment — fermentation tank. However, its cost is many times higher than the above devices.

Tip 2Temperature and Time Control of Drying Poultry Manure

During the drying process, it is crucial to regulate the temperature and duration of the drying machine operation. This ensures that you dry poultry manure under optimal conditions, preserving its nutritional components. Otherwise, too high temperature can lead to excessive pyrolysis or burning of organic matter, while too low temperature can lead to longer drying times and more energy consumption.

Furthermore, our drum dryer is equipped with automatic control cabinet to monitor the drying temperature of poultry manure in real time. This helps to adjust in time the ideal temperature range, between 50 and 70. At the same time, you can also buy our air fan to maintain proper ventilation and wind speed. Then, it ensures a uniform drying effect and effective evaporation of water on the surface of fertilizers.

Tip 3Preventing Overheating of Drying Poultry Manure

To maintain the fertilizer nutrient value of poultry manure, it is important to avoid overheating during the drying process. Even after the drying phase, the material’s surface temperature might considerably high. At this time, you need a drum cooler to reduce the particles’ temperature quickly, preventing excessive temperature from affecting the structure and quality of the fertilizers from poultry dung. Meanwhile, cooling helps prevent particles from sticking together or forming clumps during the production process, improving the hardness of the particles, which is crucial for the stability during transportation and storage.

Tip 4Odor Control of Drying Poultry Manure

The drying process may release strong odors from the chicken manure. To mitigate environmental impact, Shunxin’s chicken manure drying machine is equipped with a deodorizing device. This ensures that the dried chicken manure is loose, dry, and nearly odor-free.

In fact, our deodorizing system mainly applies activated carbon. The activated carbon box has a strong adsorption capacity and can effectively adsorb and capture odorous substances in poultry manure, such as ammonia. In addition, activated carbon have all kinds of resources, such as wood activated carbon, coal activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon, etc., so as to adapt to different application needs.

Tip 5Equipment Maintenance of Drying Poultry Manure

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the drying machine are essential to ensure its proper functioning and extend its operational life. Customers should adhere to a maintenance schedule to prevent potential issues and downtime.

To ensure optimal performance of your poultry manure drying equipment, conduct regular cleaning to remove debris, lubricate moving parts, inspect electrical components, check and calibrate temperature sensors, maintain proper tension in belts and chains, ensure efficient airflow, and keep accurate maintenance records.

In conclusion, Shunxin’s chicken manure drying machine presents a valuable solution for organic fertilizer production. To harness its full potential, users must pay attention to pre-treatment, temperature control, odor management, and regular equipment maintenance. By understanding the unique characteristics of chicken manure and following these guidelines, customers can ensure the drying machine operates efficiently, producing high-quality organic fertilizer while minimizing environmental impact. The enclosed system of the drying machine further reduces pollution during the production of organic fertilizer from chicken manure.  Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

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