Pomace Drying Machine

Shunxin has recently introduced a large-scale continuous drying equipment known as a pomace drying machine, which has the benefits of high output, low energy consumption, and stable operation. Because, the finished products are of high quality, a number of fruit and food processing enterprises have successfully run it both in China and abroad.

What’s more, our company is a professional drying machine manufacturer with years of experience and strong technological strength. In addition, we provide customized solutions and good after-sales service, and have developed intimate relationships with consumers from all around the world and winning their confidence.

What Is The Use of Pomace Dryer?

Pomace dryer is often used to treat the by-products left over during the manufacturing process such as fruit juice, jam, preserved fruits, and dried fruits. Typically, the raw materials includes these solid waste by pressing, such as fruit pulps, peels, and cores.

Meanwhile, those materials have high moisture as well as sugar content, so they are easily rancid, deteriorated, and decayed. Besides, they have a large output, and are difficult to store and transport.

As a result, most industries and companies involved in fruit waste treatment require drum dryers, such as juice manufacturers, jam and preserves producers, wineries, fruit processing factories, animal feed producers, biomass energy companies, and organic fertilizer manufacturers.

Application Areas of Pomace Dryer
Which Fruit Waste Can Be Used In Pomace Dryer

The following are common materials in fruit pomace drying process: apple pomace, tomato pomace, orange pomace, olive pomace, grape pomace, peach pomace, pear pomace, berry pomace (e.g. strawberry, blueberry, raspberry ), banana pomace, etc.

Apart from that, pomace dryer can process other organic residues like protein generated in the production of MSG, beet pulp, bagasse, starch pulp, maize pulp, bean dregs, cassava residues, waste molasses, tea-leaf, drug residues, vinasse, vinegar residues, etc.

What Is The Pomace Drying Machine Price?

In addition, we design different models of fruit pomace drying machines according to their output. And the quantity and size of supporting equipment for each type varies. Thus, only customers specifies their output, material humidity, and requirements can we offer relevant data and a full quotation. In fact, our equipment can make small scale production of at least 0.5-1.5 t/h, so it is very suitable for small fruit plantation to use.

Don’t worry about mass fruit pomace production! Our single piece of drying equipment’s daily processing capacity may exceed 100 tons, with a wide range of applications that can fulfill a variety of large and medium-sized drying projects. Besides, a pomace dryer costs between $6000 and $50,000. Here are three plans for drying fruit waste.

Small Scale Pomace Drying Plan

$6,000-$8,500 / 1 Set

Suitable for small farm or plantation to use.

  • 4 Models

  • 6-10 M Length

  • 0.5-3.5 T/H Capacity

  • 3-6 T Weight

Medium Scale Pomace Drying Plan

$10,000-$30,000 / 1 Set

Suitable for winery and food-processing plants.

  • 5 Models

  • 1-1.2 M Length

  • 5-12 T/H Capacity

  • 15-45 T Weight

Large Scale Pomace Drying Plan

$30,000-$50,000 / 1 Set

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  • 5 Models

  • 1.2-1.8 M Length

  • 15-40 T/H Capacity

  • 50-100 T Weight

Technical Parameters of Pomace Dryer

Model (mm)Inclination (%)Speed (r/min)Temperature (℃)Power (kw)Capacity (t/h)Weight (t)

What Is The Fruit Pomace Drying System?

Because fruit residues contain a certain water content, you need to send them to a dehydrator for pre-treatment before entering pomace dryer. At this time, you can have a try at using SX screw press dewatering machine. It can reduce the moisture of fruit waste quickly from 80% to 50%, which can enhance the entire drying efficiency and save the energy consumption.

Then, the fruit pomace drying system consists of heat source equipment (hot blast furnace), feeding & discharging devices, rotary drum dryer, induced draft fan, high & low temperature pipelines, dust collection machine and automatic control cabinet.

The heat source equipment is the core component of the fruit residue drying system, and the hot blast stove is a common heat source. It generates hot air at high temperatures by burning fuel, providing the necessary heat energy for pomace dryers.

The inlet and outlet parts are responsible for feeding the original fruit waste into the drying system and then delivering the finished products. They are designed to ensure the smooth flow of materials and the efficient operation of the system.

The dryer is the key equipment in the drying system of fruit pomace. By rotating drum, the fruit waste is evenly heated to achieve a fast and uniform drying process. Moreover, our equipment can adapt to different types of pomace and improve production efficiency.

The air fan is responsible for transferring hot air from the heat source equipment to the dryer, ensuring adequate heating during the drying process. And we can customize different size to offer appropriate air volume and pressure for different scale drying systems.

These conveying pipes are of use to transmit hot air from the heat source equipment to dryer, ensuring the effective heat transfer. Typically, they are usually made of high temperature resistant materials to prevent heat loss and unstable system operation.

A number of combustion chambers are available. Finding a good combustion chamber is very important for the quality of the product as well as the energy expended to get the final product. The gas stream is most commonly heated using gas, coal or oil burners.

You can choose to equip the dust collector to remove dust and particulate matter generated during the drying process to protect environmental health and operator health during system operation.

This machine is of application to centrally manage the power supply of the drying system, ensuring that the various devices can work together according to the predetermined process flow.

How Does A Pomace Drying Machine Work?

Firstly, you can use the feeding machine to send wet fruit residues  to the drying drum after a certain degree of dehydration. Then we install rows of plates on the inner wall of the drum that continually pick up the materials, allowing them to come into full contact with hot air and having a dispersing effect, which can speed up heat and mass transmission during drying.

During the fruit pomace drying process, these materials slowly travel from the feeding port to the outlet port due to the inclined installation angle of the drum and the function of the induced draft fan. Finally, you can make exhaust gas emissions into the atmosphere by using a dust collector.

Drying Process for Fruit Pomace

Where to buy excellent pomace drying processing equipment? We recommend Zhengzhou Shunxin, which has been specializing in the production of drying equipment for 20 years, to minimize material waste and additional cost expenditures for you. As a direct sales manufacturer, our equipment prices are all factory prices, without any middlemen earning price differences, ensuring that you can buy high-quality equipment at a reasonable price. If you have any questions, please contact us for a free quotation.

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