Sludge Drying Process

Revitalize, Innovate, Elevate: Making Precision Drying Excellence Through Sludge Drying Process!

Shunxin Machinery is an equipment manufacturer with many years of rich production and sales experience. And we primarily deals with different series of machines, such as crusher, shredder, dryer, packing machine, and so on, in various styles and comprehensive specifications that can suit customers’ production demands.

Among them, we design the sludge dryer to dry mud from sewage treatment plants, industrial wastewater treatment, or agricultural waste, to 1020% moisture content. Meanwhile, the dry sludge have a broad market and may be of application in landfills, agricultural fertilizers, power plants, cement plants, and other businesses.

What Information of Sludge Drying Process You Should Know?

The sludge drying in management can be divided into two main steps: sludge separation and drying.

Part 1: Efficient Sludge Separation

In general, sewage sludge usually contain high moisture content, within 80-90%. At this time, to enhance drying efficiency, you’d better to make dewatering treatment. Thus, you can select our inclined dewateing machine or screw press dewatering machine.

Shunxin’s machine initiates the process by efficiently separating sludge from wastewater, ensuring optimal solid-liquid separation.

Advanced separation techniques guarantee the removal of impurities, enhancing the quality of sludge.

Our dewatering technology reduces sludge’s moisture content to 30-40%, minimizing energy consumption for subsequent drying step.

Part 2: The Sludge Drying Process

This process aims to evaporate the water in the sludge to lower its volume and weight. Typically, we usually apply hot air or other heating techniques to expose the sludge to a high-temperature environment. In addition, a rotary drum dryer is an excellent option.

Industrial Sludge Drying by Drum Dryer
Sludge Drying Process
We can
Customize Drying Mechanism

The main components of the sludge drying machine include:

It’s responsible for smoothly transporting wet sludge into the drying machine.

It provides the necessary hot air to accelerate the evaporation process of moisture. And you can tell us the size you want.

You can select loader type feeder to make automatic production process.

Our dryer can apply various heat sources that are optional such as steam, gas, fuel, biomass, etc.

Our plant can customize the size and capacity of the rotary drum for your needs, such as 1.2*10 m, 1.8*15 m, 1.5*18 m, etc. Besides, we can increase the number of plates and adjust their shape and angle, thereby accelerating the drying speed.

The dryer is often in conjunction with the rotary cooler. However, If your conditions permit, like lower temperature and large site area, you may cool naturally without coolers.

If you have strict environment requirements, you’d better to consult with us directly. Moreover, we can design appropriate deodorization equipmentand dust removal machine for your choice.

What Is Sludge Drying Process?

Sludge drying machine is an efficient equipment designed to handle wet sludge by rapidly evaporating its moisture content. The clear delineation of working zones and precision in equipment composition make the sludge drying machine a standout performer in practical applications of sludge processing industry. Choose our dewatering and drying machine for effective and reliable sludge treatment!

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