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The rotary drum cooler has long been a vital fundamental element in the industry. Besides, from large production lines to small manufacturing plants, it is very suitable for preparing one with affordable drum cooler price.

In comparison to traditional cooling ways, how does it achieve more effective heat transfer and dissipation by the rotary drum? And how can this machine provide more flexible solutions for various industries?

What Are The Applications of Industrial Drum Cooler?

Materials Available In Rotary Drum Cooler

Rotary cooler is of main application in the industrial mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical or fertilizer production. Hence, it is suitable for processing all kinds of powdered or granular materials, like dolomite, kaolin, bauxite, refractory furnace burden, cement, limestone, iron dust, vanadium and titanium iron, activated carbon, coke, ore fines, aluminium oxide, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide and special cement, etc. Here are some common applications.

1. Drum Cooler In Building Material Industry

You can use rotary drum cooler in processing building materials to make semi-finished products suffering the high-temperature drying retain the appropriate performance and quality in the later phase. For example,

Cement Click For Cooling

Many plants use it to cool the clinker is a mixture of limestone and clay that has been calcined at high temperatures. So it must be cooled to a sufficient degree by a cooler for being processed into cement.

Concrete For Cooling

Usually, users employ the cooling machines to make some building materials keep hardness and solidification, such as gypsum board and lightweight aggregate concrete.

Rotary Cooler In Mineral & Metallurgical Industry

2. Rotary Cooler In Mineral & Metallurgical Industry

You can use drum cooler primarily in the mineral and metallurgical industries to cool and solidify high-temperature materials. For instance, metal alloys during the high-temperature smelting process, such as aluminum, copper, and iron, as well as metal products after forging and hot rolling, and metal parts, all require a cooing machine. Meanwhile, industrial waste, such as slag or wasted alloys, you must cool and process for resource recovery or environmental treatment.

3. Cooling Machine In Chemical Industry

Some chemical processes require cooling of high-temperature reaction products to ensure reaction termination or product stability, such as esterification, alcoholization, etherification. In addition, petroleum refining generates high-temperature products need rotary cooler. Besides, producing granular catalysts and granular adsorbents also requires cooling device.

4. Cooler In Food Processing Industry

During the grain harvesting and processing process, grains like rice, corn and wheat, usually need a drying equipment to reduce humidity and ensure stable storage. At this time, rotary drum cooling machine can reduce the temperature of grains after heat treatment, preventing moisture and mold during storage.

5. Rotary Drum Cooler In Biomass Energy Production

After compression and granulation of wood materials such as sawdust, straw, and rice husk, the biomass particles usually need a rotary cooling machine to lower the temperature and moisture. And this helps to improve the hardness and stability of pellets in order to maintain their shape during storage and transportation.

What Is Cooler In Fertilizer Industry?

Fertilizer cooling machine is of common occurrence in fertilizer production lines to cool fertilizers at a certain temperature and granular size. What’s more, it is suitable for compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, controlled-release fertilizer, and bulk blending fertilizer production, with the flexible raw materials from animal dung to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium elements.

Generally speaking, you’d better use this equipment with a drum dryer to remove further moisture and lower the temperature of fertilizer pellets. Meanwhile, its cooling efficiency has a direct impact on the finished fertilizer granules’ appearance and quality.

The appearance of a drum type cooling machine and a drum type dryer is similar, but the difference is that fertilizer cooling technology applies cold air countercurrent. That is to say, an induced draft fan which is installed on the feeding stage, draws cold air from the rear of the equipment and forces it to cool fertilizers quickly in reverse contact.

Where to Buy Rotary Drum Cooler?

Shunxin Engineering cquipment Co., Ltd is a reputable manufacturer specializing in the production of various fertilizer production equipment including rotary drum cooler. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, Shunxin has established itself as a leading provider of cooling solutions for various industries. Our company offers a wide range of drum coolers designed to meet the specific needs of customers such as in agriculture, fertilizer and industrial production.

Our coolers are known for their robust construction, efficient cooling performance, and user-friendly operation. As a customer-oriented manufacturer, Shunxin provides comprehensive support, including customization options, technical assistance, and reliable after-sales service. Are you looking for reliable and efficient rotary drum coolers? Please confidently turn to Shunxin for high-quality solutions according to customers’ unique requirements.

Except Drum CoolerWhat Other Fertilizer Production Equipment Can You Pick?

Rotary cooling machine is a general equipment in fertilizer production, and can be equipped with a variety of machines. Here are some fertilizer manufacturing devices with which rotary coolers can be compatible to enhance the entail production efficiency.

1. Various Granulation Machine’s Choice

granulator machines

Primarily, granulator is one of the key equipment, which can turn powder mixtures into pellets under the form of extrusion or the power of rotating. According to your raw materials, our company provide different plans, including organic fertilizer granulator, NPK fertilizer granulator, wet granulation machine, dry granulation machine, etc.

Besides, SX granulators have a high pelletizing rate of more than 90%. Besides, whether the particles you want are in ball, oval or column shape, we have relvent solutions. As a result, our pelletizers provides the ideal appearance of granules, making them easier to store, transport and apply. When the cooling machine works in conjunction with the granulator, it can prevent particles’ agglomeration, maintain the shape and nutrient elements.

2. Necessary Rotary Drum Drying Machine

After granulation, drum dryer is an indispensable equipment during the fertilizer manufacturing process. Since it can make particles reach the required moisture content in a short time, often less than 12%. Moreover, it can prevent adverse reactions due to excessive moisture for subsequent storage and use. After drying, the cooling machine quickly reduces the temperature of fertilizer granules, so that it can be packaged and than sold directly.

3. Optional Rotary Screening Machine

During the granulation process, the cooling machine quickly cools fertilizer particles. Then you can select the screening machine to separate these pellets to ensure consistent particle size. SX rotary screening machine classifies particles by size through different screening meshes to improve finished granules’ uniformity. Then, it can return unqualified products to granulation again.

4. Available Dust Collection System

Drum cooling machine quickly cools particles, but may produce dust. Therefore, dust removal equipment plays a crucial role. Cyclone dust collector separates powder through cyclone force; water film dust collector uses a moist area to trap particles in water droplets; bag filter dust collector applies filtration principle to clean small particles. These three forms of dust removal equipment effectively purify the air, ensure a clean production environment, and protect the health of workers.

5. Automatic Bagging Production Line

After cooling the fertilizer particles, the packaging production line is responsible for accurately bagging. The packaging line usually includes automatic packing scale and palletizer robot for weighing, filling, sealing, and other processes to achieve automated production. This synergistic effect improves the overall efficiency of the production line, making fertilizers easier to store, transport, and sell.

In summary, the rotary drum cooler plays a crucial role in efficiently cooling and stabilizing all kinds of materials in various industries. Furthermore, its versatility makes it compatible with other equipment like rotary drum dryer, rotary screening machine, dust collector, fertilizer granulators and automatic bagging machine, enhancing overall production process and ensuring optimal product quality.

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