Mobile Grain Dryer

Mobile grain dryer is a portable drying equipment that offers a flexible and convenient drying solution for small-scale farms. Because you can tow it by a farm tractor making it easy to move to another location. Furthermore, mobile dryers are often ideal for a wide range of grains, including wheat, soybeans, maize, and so on, and may be of application in different regions and seasons. With daily output of 10-65 tons, it is a cost-effective way to handle small batches of grain or other agricultural products.

What Are Applications for Mobile Grain Dryer?

A grain dryer specially designed to fulfill the drying requirements of different granular corns and a variety of agricultural products. Whether it’s rice, corn, wheat, sorghum, peanuts, soybeans, mung beans, rapeseedsesame, millet, sunflower seeds, seeds and grain mixtures, this incredible machine has got you covered!

As a result, one of the primary benefits of using a grain dryer is its ability to rapidly reduce the moisture content of these crops. By drying the corns quickly, it significantly minimizes the risk of mold and germination. Say goodbye to those pesky moldy crops! Moreover, the usage of a cron dryer leads to a remarkable improvement in the overall quality and storage stability of the agricultural products. This translates to enhanced freshness, taste, and nutrient preservation. Not to mention, it also extends the shelf life of the crops, giving farmers more time to market and sell their harvests.

Drying Materials of Mobile Grain Dryer

What Are The Uses of Mobile Corn Dryer?

Shunxin, a professional dryer manufacturer, offers various models of grain dryers to farms, plantations, and peasant households of different scales. Whether you own or rent land ranging from 5,000 100,000 , we provide you with reliable and convenient solutions. Furthermore, some oil expression plants that produce edible oils such as soybean oil, peanut oil, and sunflower seed oil can also use this machine to dry granular crops.

Using SX portable corn dryer, farmers can process and storage grains locally. Additionally, our customers can choose to dry their agricultural products on their own farms or in nearby locations, eliminating long-distance transportation to drying facilities and saving time and money. In general, it takes 0.5-2 hours to complete each batch’s drying of food crops. Besides, you can immediately prepare for packaging and sale, or store them in granaries.

Meanwhile, with outstanding mobility and versatility, our portable type grain dryer can satisfy the seasonal drying requirements, during harvest time or wet weather. For example, if it’s rainy, you can swiftly apply mobile corn drying equipment to processing areas, and efficiently dry food crops while guaranteeing grains’ quality and storage safety.

How Much Does A Vertical Grain Dryer Cost?

Mini Grain Dryer

1 Set

What’s Included
  • Capacity: <5 T/D

  • Power: 4.4 kw

Most Popular

Small Grain Dryer

1 Set

What’s Included
  • Capacity: 10-30 T/D

  • Power: 9-13 kw

Medium Grain Dryer

1 Set

What’s Included
  • Capacity: 45-60 T/D

  • Power: 16.5 kw

Superior Grain Dryer

1 Set

What’s Included
  • Capacity: >80 T/D

  • Power: 28 kw

What Are The specifications of Portable Grain Dryer for Sale?

ModelPower (kw)Weight (T)Overall Dimension (mm)Capacity (Tons/Day)
SXHG-1T8.3 (2 fans)24600*1800*350010
SXHG-2T11 (2 fans)2.85100*2000*380020
SXHG-2T+2T15 (3 fans)4.27500*2000*380040
SXHG-4T19 (3 fans)4.55400*2100*390040
SXHG-6T24 (3 fans)5.35600*2100*430060
SXHG-4T+4T23 (3 fans)78500*2100*380080
SXHG-8T28 (3 fans)6.56000*2100*580080
SXHG-10T32 (4 fans)7.46200*2100*6400100
SXHG-6T+6T27 (4 fans)8.59500*2100*3900120
SXHG-8T+8T32 (4 fans)9.811000*2100*4300160
SXHG-12T+12T37 (4 fans)1512000*2100*6800240

What Are The Components of A Portable Grain Dryer?

The main body of the mobile grain dryer includes a grain drying hopper & discharging port, a vertical drying cylinder, a heat & air supply system, an electrical control system, and a walking device (mobile trailer platform). And what are grain drying systems?

Mechincal System in Mobile Grain Drying Equipment

The burner, hot air stove, and heating pipelines, provide the required heat for the corn dryer. Meanwhile, grain drying fans, air ducts and air outlet transfer hot air to the drying tower and discharge moisture.

This system consists of a PLC control system, timer, control panel, temperature controller, and electrical control box. Thus, it can monitor and regulate parameters such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc. during the food crop drying process.

It includes the filter screen and a cyclone dust collector, which can filter and remove dust and impurities while drying corn. In addition, this system also includes discharge outlets and exhaust pipes, which can make waste gas emissions and moisture reduction, maintaining a clean drying environment.

Typically, the conveyor and a small hoister transport food crops to the inside of the drum for grain dryer. In fact, portable grain dryer is often on a farm tractor, which is helpful for its movement to the farmland or drying areas. Besides, you can even use another tractor to pick up dry grain crops and transport them directly.

Components of A Portable Grain Dryer

In summary, the corn drying systems in dryer for grain comprehensively consider multiple functions such as heating, ventilation, control, conveying, and filtering, and can provide efficient, convenient, and stable grain drying solutions.

What Is The Principle of Mobile Grain Dryer?

To be honest, our corn grain dryer commonly occurs in the agricultural field, to dry high humidity grains to suitable storage levels. Therefore, it applies intermittent drying theory. In other word, batch grain dryer works at regular intervals, especially is suitable for rural areas or crop processing sites that require frequent movement. So, its working principle is as follows.

Firstly, conveyor belts, bucket elevators, and other mechanical devices help load food crops into the drying container.

Secondly, by burning fuels or electricity, you can heat the air in the hot air stove and then the crop drying fans introduce hot air into the dryer. So, the air fan uniformly distributes the hot gas in the grain piles, allowing it to thoroughly contact high humidity corns.

The ventilation system is responsible for expelling moisture from the drying room, ensuring the hot air circulation, and promoting the evaporation and removal of moisture.

During the rice corn drying process, some sensors control the level of grain humidity. Once the materials reach the predetermined drying level, the carrier grain dryer can stop working automatically to avoid excessive drying.

After the complete drying, the discharge port unloads the dry agricultural products. Then, they are ready for the next step of processing or packaging.

The recirculating batch grain dryer achieves the drying operation of grains by circulating hot air and controlling temperature and humidity. Due to its mobility, you can flexibly adjust and deploy between farmland or granaries as needed.

Thank you for your interest in mobile grain dryer products! Shunxin Machinery attaches great importance to the quality control of raw materials. Through years of production experience, we have selected high-quality and stable raw material suppliers, strictly inspecting the quality of each batch of raw materials to ensure the production of high-quality mobile grain dryers. We also provide you with reliable mechanical equipment solutions through strict quality inspection processes and large-scale, multi batch inspections of finished products. Looking forward to your valuable feedback and timely contact!

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