Bangladesh is a country where agriculture dominates, and livestock and poultry farming plays a crucial role. It mainly focuses on poultry (broiler chicken & laying hens), followed by aquatic products (fish & shrimp), and then livestock (cows, beef cattle, sheep). However, the climate in Bangladesh brings a big challenge on the handling of animal waste. Due to the humid climate in many places, lots of farms require drying treatment. For example, on 15th October 2023, a customer from Bangladesh contacted us for chicken manure drum dryer. The following are the specific details of this case:

Requirement of This Bangladeshi Customer

Raw Materials

100% Poultry Manure

Input System

H type Cage Conveyor Belt

Input Material Moisture


Target Material Moisture


Production Capacity


After a brief survey, we find ALS Farms limited is to raise domestic poultry such as chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat and eggs.

Firstly, he provided us a clear plan for drying chicken poop with the requirements of raw materials, production, capacity and so on. Here are their clear needs:

When choosing the drying machine for animal manure disposal, capacity is the key factor you should consider. For this customer from Bangladesh, we recommend the small drum dryer, SXHG-0808, with the output of 1-2t/h.

Chicken Manure Dryer

    • Model: SXHG-0808
    • Motor Power: 5.5kw
    • Reducer Model: ZQ250
    • Inlet Temperature: ≥300℃
    • Angle of Installation:3-5°
    • Speed:6r/min
    • Capacity: 1-2t/h

What Materials Can Be Used in Chicken Manure Drum Dryer?

Shunxin designs this drum dryer to dry chicken manure with multi functions and high efficiency. While it is specifically optimized for drying 100% chicken manure, it can also process a variety of organic materials.  Besides chicken manure, the dryer can handle other poultry manure such as turkey manure, duck manure, geese manure or quail manure. In addition, it can dispose livestock manure, sawdust, straw, kitchen waste, sludge and so on.

How Much Moisture The Drum Dryer Can Reduce?

With our dryer, the Bangladeshi customer can expect a significant reduction in moisture content from 65% to the desired 20%. This ensures that your poultry manure is optimally dried, making it easier to handle and utilize. For this, you can precisely regulate the temperature and outlet moisture of manure by our automatic control cabinet. Thus, you can get semi-finished materials with different water content, even the minimum can reach 8%.

What Is The Capacity of The Dryer to Handle Chicken Manure?

This small drum dryer we recommend Bangladeshi customer is in line with their production needs. Obviously, it process poultry manure with the average smallest output of 10 metric tons daily. Furthermore, our drum dryer guarantees a consistent and high-capacity performance, meeting your farm’s demands effectively. Besides, we have many models of rotary drum dryers with different capacities. They are enough to fulfill your daily production target with the range of 10-200 tons.

We provide customized drying solution for Bangladeshi customer!

For one thing, our drum dryer is specifically customized to work seamlessly with this farm’s existing H type cage conveyor belt system, ensuring a smooth and integrated drying process.

For another thing, we provide the plan to reduce odors in chicken manure, ensure ease of storage, and enhance the nutrient value of the final product, promoting healthier crops.

The above are the details about the case of our customers from Bangladesh. Except drum dryers, our screw press dewatering machine also can be of use to reduce moisture at a certain degree. For more details, pricing, and any additional information you may require, please feel free to contact us.

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