Do you want to make organic fertilizer from high moisture waste?  And how to make organic fertilizer after dehydration? The first step is to reduce water by means of dewatering machine. After dewatering, the moisture content of the solid manure is about 30%. Thus, you can produce organic fertilizer through a fermentation process. To initiate the fermentation, it is necessary to introduce fermentation strains, which play a key role in enhancing the production efficiency. Besides, the process involves the following steps.

Top 3 Key Steps to Make Manure into Organic Fertilizer

1. Dewatering

Firstly, you can utilize our screw press dewatering machine to remove excess water in the solid manure. Then, this will reduce the moisture content to around 30-40%. In addition, the dewatering machine efficiently separates the liquid and solid components, resulting in a more manageable material for further processing.

Screw Press Dewatering Machine for Animal Manure Disposal
Compost Machines

2. Fermentation

The second step is a fermentation process. During this stage, you should place the solid manure in advance in a suitable container (fermentation groove or tank) or composting piles. Addtionally, you should add special fermentation strains to aid decomposition and promote the breakdown of organic matter. Since, these strains help to hasten the transformation of nutrients, making them more readily available for plants.

3. Pelleting

Once the fermentation is complete and the moisture level has reached the desired percentage, you can make granules from the organic waste. Pelleting involves shaping the organic matter into compact pellets or granules, making it easier to handle, transport, and apply to fields or gardens. At this time, you can consider our organic fertilizer granulation machines with many models. Also, buying a coating machine is a good option. Then, in this machine, you can enrich additional nutrients or additives in the fertilizer pellets to further enhance their nutritional value.



By following this process, from dewatering to fermentation and pelleting, the solid manure can be transformed into high-quality organic fertilizer. To be honest, this organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients, improves soil fertility, and promotes sustainable agricultural practices.