Drum Drying Machine for Granular Fertilizer Production

Drum Drying Machine for Granular Fertilizer Production

The price of our 2t/h rotary dryer in the single set, with the model of YSXHG-0808, is approximately $5,500 – $6,900. However, in fact, we have a potential price fluctuation range. This price range is reflective of several key components and custom features that contribute to the cost.

Low Energy Consumption by High-quality Motor & Reducer

Firstly, our YSXHG-0808 model operates on a power of 5.5kw, with a ZQ250 reducer and a rotational speed of 6r/min, ensuring efficient drying capabilities for a production output of 1-2t/h. These specifications require high-quality materials for construction and parts to ensure performance and longevity, which slightly increases the price.

Units of Drum Dryer

Units of Drum Dryer

Long Service Life of Drum Dryer by Solid Materials

Additionally, the price includes the customization of the motor and the inner wall material of the casing. We understand the varied applications and environments in which our dryers operate, so we offer customization to meet the specific needs of our clients. For instance, the internal liners can be made of stainless steel or other specialized materials that cater to the type of material being processed, which adds to the durability and the overall quality of the machinery.

Reliable Brand of Rotary Drum Dryer’s Components

High-quality parts, such as superior seals and robust bearings, are examples of the components we use to ensure our machinery’s reliability and efficiency. These parts may carry a higher cost, but they contribute significantly to the equipment’s performance, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and the potential for downtime.

We Provide Customization Service of Your Drying Solution!

Furthermore, the higher price point is justified by the fact that we can tailor-make accompanying hot air furnaces or burners according to the customer’s energy requirements and budget. This bespoke heating solution is designed to optimize the dryer’s performance and energy usage, providing a complete and efficient drying system.

In summary, the investment in our 2t/h rotary dryer reflects the superior quality, customization options, and the comprehensive solutions we provide, guaranteeing a highly efficient and tailor-made system for our clients’ specific drying needs.