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frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Rotary Drum Dryer we offer.

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What Is The Best Temperature to Dry Grains?2024-01-20T17:15:04+08:00

The optimal temperature to dry grain varies based on the type of grain. In general, it ranges between 80100°C. Our drying tower has a maximum drying temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. Also, it is equipped with advanced temperature control systems to maintain the perfect drying temperature, ensuring your grain is dried evenly and efficiently, preserving its quality and preventing any heat damage.

How Long Does A Drying Tower Take to Dry The Grains?2024-01-20T17:14:04+08:00

Grain drying time in a SX drying tower depends on the initial moisture content and the desired final moisture level. However, the tower’s advanced technology ensures uniform and gentle drying to maintain grain quality. Generally speaking, drying a batch of grain particles in a drying tower may take 2-3 hours. Additionally, for high yields like 500-1,000 tons per day, it can take up to a maximum of 12 hours.

What Fuel Can I Use of Drying Tower?2024-01-20T17:13:07+08:00

Shunxin drying towers are versatile in fuel usage, accommodating a variety of options such as coal, wood, gas LPG or NG, and several biomass types including rice husk, pressed straw bricks, corn cob, coconut shell, wood chip, and coffee hull. The consumption as below: diesel fuel 10 kg/h, natural gas 12m3/h, coal 20 kg/h or electricity 116 kw/h. This flexibility allows you to choose the most economical and accessible fuel for your drying operations, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency in grain drying processes.

How to make organic fertilizer after dehydration?2024-01-09T14:07:55+08:00

Do you want to make organic fertilizer from high moisture waste?  And how to make organic fertilizer after dehydration? The first step is to reduce water by means of dewatering machine. After dewatering, the moisture content of the solid manure is about 30%. Thus, you can produce organic fertilizer through a fermentation process. To initiate the fermentation, it is necessary to introduce fermentation strains, which play a key role in enhancing the production efficiency. Besides, the process involves the following steps.

Top 3 Key Steps to Make Manure into Organic Fertilizer

1. Dewatering

Firstly, you can utilize our screw press dewatering machine to remove excess water in the solid manure. Then, this will reduce the moisture content to around 30-40%. In addition, the dewatering machine efficiently separates the liquid and solid components, resulting in a more manageable material for further processing.

Screw Press Dewatering Machine for Animal Manure Disposal
Compost Machines

2. Fermentation

The second step is a fermentation process. During this stage, you should place the solid manure in advance in a suitable container (fermentation groove or tank) or composting piles. Addtionally, you should add special fermentation strains to aid decomposition and promote the breakdown of organic matter. Since, these strains help to hasten the transformation of nutrients, making them more readily available for plants.

3. Pelleting

Once the fermentation is complete and the moisture level has reached the desired percentage, you can make granules from the organic waste. Pelleting involves shaping the organic matter into compact pellets or granules, making it easier to handle, transport, and apply to fields or gardens. At this time, you can consider our organic fertilizer granulation machines with many models. Also, buying a coating machine is a good option. Then, in this machine, you can enrich additional nutrients or additives in the fertilizer pellets to further enhance their nutritional value.



By following this process, from dewatering to fermentation and pelleting, the solid manure can be transformed into high-quality organic fertilizer. To be honest, this organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients, improves soil fertility, and promotes sustainable agricultural practices.

How to operate and maintain the dewatering machine?2023-12-29T15:59:42+08:00

Operating our dehydrator is a breeze. Because we provide customers with instructional videos that demonstrate the simplicity of the process. Besides, our machine comes with an easy-to-use electronic control cabinet, and it’s ready to operate as soon as you connect to a power source. Meanwhile, the accessories includes an electronic control cabinet, a mixer, a pump, and the necessary piping. The parts of the machine that come into contact with the material are constructed from 304 stainless steel, known for its durability and sanitation standards. When it comes to maintenance, you can simply clean the sieve mesh after work completion will keep the machine in top condition.

What are the moisture standards for the input and output materials in dewatering machine?2023-12-29T15:15:32+08:00

For optimal performance of our dewatering machines, it’s crucial that the input material begins with a moisture content of at least 50%. This initial moisture level is necessary to ensure efficient and effective dehydration. Once the material has undergone the dehydration process, you can anticipate a residual moisture content of approximately 30%. This significant reduction in moisture allows the material to be suitable for a wide range of uses, including further processing or safe storage, without the risk of spoilage.

What did we do to make rotary drum dryers better?2023-09-01T17:30:41+08:00

The rotary drum dryer is a kind of advanced industrial equipment. Combined with the domestic market,our team has introduced superb science and technology. We boldly innovated the traditional single-cylinder rotary dryer, making the materials and hot air exchange in the dryer more sufficient, and the energy saving effect more obvious.

Which fields can the rotating drum dryer be applied?2023-09-01T17:33:42+08:00

Rotary drum drying equipment usually use organic fertilizers, limestone, clay, water slag, coal slime, sludge, wood chips, etc. as raw materials. They have a wide range of applications and are suitable for fertilizer plants, steel plants, mining plants, power plants, and sewage treatment plants and so forth. It is also suitable for granular materials in the food industry, such as grains, beans and coffee beans. It is an ideal equipment for dry powdery, granular materials, damp and sticky materials, corrosive materials and biomass materials.

What aspects of a rotary dryer can be customized?2023-09-01T17:35:01+08:00

The rotary drum dryer machine is composed of cylinder, front roller ring, rear roller ring, gear, retaining roller, drag roller, pinion, discharge port, lifting plate, reducer, motor, hot air channel, feeding chute, furnace body and other parts. You can also choose different materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys. The drum dryer machine is also suitable for various fuel types, such as oil, natural gas and coal and the like. The heat source will affect the efficiency and suitability of the dryer for different materials.

There are many types of rotary dryers as well. The output per hour ranges from one ton to eighteen tons. The fastest speed can reach six revolutions per minute. The smallest motor power is 5.5 kilowatts, and the largest is 45 kilowatts. It can meet the needs of customers with different output. There are also rotary drum dryers with different performances, such as triple pass rotary drum dryers, diy rotary drum dryers and portable rotary drum dryers. Customers can choose different drum dryers according to their own needs.

In addition, we can flexibly respond to various customization needs and design combustion chambers , supporting elevators, belt conveyors, batching machines, cyclone dust collectors and so on. We can also provide process design, configuration plans and guiding suggestions for free, and provide fully customized industry solutions.

How does a drum drying equipment work?2023-09-01T17:36:22+08:00

The drum dryer is a heat conduction dryer. During the work of the rotary drum dryer, the drying drum is continuously rotated, so the material is heated in multiple directions.This can maximize the use of heat energy. The utilization rate of heat energy of the rotary drum dryer is more than 95%. It is an essential product under the situation of energy saving and environmental protection.The drying mechanism is that when the temperature at the bottom of the dryer equipment reaches 400°C-800°C, the material is sent from the feeding chute by the elevator.Due to the angle difference and rotational movement of the lifting plate, the material is thrown by the lifting plate to move vertically . The materials are evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air to speed up the drying heat transfer and mass transfer. The contact time between the materials and air is extremely short, and the drying time is generally 0.5~5 seconds. For heat-sensitive or low-melting point materials, it will not cause overheating or decomposition to affect its quality.

During the drying process,the hot gas is generated by the lower hot blast stove,and moves from bottom to top.It fully contacts with the materials, and transfers heat to the material through heat conduction, convection, radiation and other ways.Therefore, the temperature of the materials continues to rise and the water is continuously evaporated.Under the action of the inclined lifting plate and the hot air flow, the materials that finally meet the moisture requirement is discharged from the lower outlet, while the gas with water vapor is drawn out by the fan through the chimney. The whole process is carried out in a closed environment, thereby reducing environmental pollution during the drying process, preventing the spread of epidemic diseases, and having good economic and social benefits.

What are the advantages of drum dryer machines?2023-09-01T17:37:50+08:00

Airflow drying adopts parallel flow operation of material and gas, so the material temperature and air temperature can reach a reasonable state from the beginning to the end.The drying time is short, and the thermal efficiency is high, so a higher drying temperature can be used. Moreover, the rotary dryer also has the characteristics of wide application range, simple operation, stable operation, low energy consumption and high output. The use of this equipment can achieve the best economic benefits with the smallest investment, the lowest energy consumption, the fastest speed, the least manpower and space.

What problems you might have and how to solve them?2023-09-01T17:38:45+08:00

If there is something wrong with the rotary drum dryer in the drying process,it should stop working at once.The most important thing is that you are supposed to find the cause of breakdown and solve the problem timely.For example,if the dryer drum bearing makes some noise,you can add some lubricant to reduce friction;if the supporting parts are broken,you should replace the old supporting parts with new ones.If you are not reassured, we have prepared a video on installation, operation, replacement, repair and maintenance of parts.The video is animated and easy to understand.If you have any problems,you can e-mail or call us at any time.We will spare no efforts to provide you with help without delay.

What should you pay attention to when using a rotary drum drying equipment?2023-09-01T17:39:31+08:00

Besides,there are a few points to note.First,induced draft fan screen of the drum drying equipment should be cleaned regularly to keep clean.Second,in order to ensure your personal safety and prolong the service life of the rotary drum drying equipment,the dryer device should be operated in accordance with the relevant regulations. Third,before starting the drum dryer, the feeding chute should be closed. When taking materials, please ensure that the machine stops running to avoid any accidents.

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