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Grain Tower Dryer

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Grain tower dryer is an innovative continuous grain drying equipment to dry vast volumes of maize, rice, and beans. What’s more, its processing capacity ranges from 100 tons to 1000 tons per day. Compared to common portable corn dryers, vertical grain dryer has a higher processing capacity, and can operate continuously 24 hours. Hence, it ensures uniform grain drying, and reduces human tasks. Moreover, continuous vertical tower dryer is suitable for large-scale grain projects in grain supply centers, to quickly dry the moist crops during the harvest season to minimize their rotting.

Tower Dryer for Grain

What Agricultural Products Can Grain Drying Tower Use?

Raw Materials of Grain Dryer Tower

The main raw materials for tower grain dryer are various crops, including but not limited to the following types.

  • Cereals: Such as wheat, rice, corn, barley, oats, etc.

  • Oil Crops: Like soybeans, peanuts, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, etc.

  • Cash crops: Coffee beans, chia seeds, etc.

  • Beans: Such as mung beans, red beans, lentils, etc.

  • Seeds: Such as pepper seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

The grain dryer tower is versatile and can efficiently dry various crops. In addition to the mentioned ones, it can also dry cottonseeds, medicinal herbs, and other types of seeds. Because its large capacity allows for bulk drying, it saves more time and resources. In contrast, tower dryer offers higher drying efficiency, better energy efficiency, and can handle a wider range of grain types than mobile grain dryer.

What About The Market for Vertical Drying Towers?

Commercial tower grain dryer has broad potential customer groups, mainly including the following categories.

They are the direct customers of drying towers, as they need to dry the harvested grain for storage and sale in time.

These institutions require significant grain storage, and drying is an essential step to ensure long-term storage without mustiness. Therefore, if you operate a grain supply center, you may need a dryer tower.

These companies process grains into other products such as corn starch, flour, etc., and drying the raw materials is necessary before treatment. Also, tower dryer is a quick solution.

These companies are responsible for the collection, storage, and sale of grains. Drying towers and grain silos can help them improve grain quality and reduce storage losses.

As a result, the potential market for grain drying towers is vast, covering various stages and relevant participants involved in the entire drying process from grain production to storage, processing, and sales.

Where to Buy The Best Tower Grain Dryer for Sale?

Shunxin Plant Picture

If you’re in search of the best tower dryer, Shunxin Machinery will be your go-to choice. We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, production, and sales, dedicated to grain drying equipment. Furthermore, our products boast rational design, user-friendly operation, and energy efficiency. In particular, we offer unique drying solutions and design for different clients’ projects and processes.

Primarily, our tower body is made of galvanized steel, ensuring rust resistance and providing a solid, durable structure with a low failure rate and a long lifespan.

Secondly, our experienced structural engineers ensure the silo system can withstand extreme conditions, guaranteeing a design lifespan of at least 25 years.

Thirdly, safe grain storage is paramount in our silos. Thus, our technology integrates real-time grain monitoring and analysis, with intelligent ventilation, cooling and alert functions.

Moreover, we offer competitive factory prices and customized solutions to meet all your needs. When it comes to purchasing the best tower grain dryer, Shunxin is your trusted partner.

What Is Tower Type Grain Dryer Price?


$11,000-$15,000 / 1 Set

A drying plan for large modern farms.

  • Capacity:100-250 Tons/Day

  • Height: 8-17 m

  • Weight: 80-200 Tons

Most popular

$17,000-$23,000 / 1 Set

This plan for many food processing plants.

  • Capacity: 300-500 Tons/Day

  • Height: 14-22 m

  • Weight: 400-800 Tons


$25,000-$31,000 / 1 Set

It’s suitable for grain supply centers.

  • Capacity: 600-1,000 Tons/Day

  • Height: 24-30 m

  • Weight: 800-1500 Tons

Technical Specifications of Grain Tower Dryer

ModelCapacity (t/d)Moisture Reduction (%)Heated MediaTemperature (℃)Drying Evenness (%)Broken Rate (%)Unit Heat Consumption (kj/kg H2O)Coal Consumption (kg/h)Installation Capacity (kw)Dryer Size (m)Dryer Height (m)
SXHT-1001004-16Cleaning Air<120>98<0.5580060-23041.354*36-12
SXHT-1501504-16Cleaning Air<120>98<0.5580090-34556.254*38-15
SXHT-2002004-16Cleaning Air<120>98<0.55800120-46065.255*3.213-17.5
SXHT-2502504-16Cleaning Air<120>98<0.55800150-57581.955.5*3.214-18
SXHT-3003004-16Cleaning Air<120>98<0.55800180-690106.255.5*414-19
SXHT-4004004-16Cleaning Air<120>98<0.55800240-1000125.955.5*4.515-20
SXHT-5005004-16Cleaning Air<120>98<0.55800300-1380143.456*616-22

What Is Work Flow of Grain Tower Dryer?

Our drying tower is installed outside the steel silo. In addition, the complete grain drying system contains storage stage, drying stage, retarding section, cooling stage, grain unloader, tower frame, air fan, exhaust system, hot air furnace, bucket elevator, motor and other components.

Working Flow of Grain Drying Tower

Additionally, the drying grain process is as follows:

Thresher Machine (optional)→Belt Conveyor→Bucket Elevator→Pre-Cleaner→Bucket Elevator→Steel Grain Silo→Belt Conveyor→Bucket Elevator→Dryer Tower→Hot Air Furnace→Induced Air Fan/Exhaust System→Bucket Elevator→Finished Product Silo→Belt Conveyor

How Does A Tower Grain Dryer Work?

  • At the beginning, you are available to choose our grain thrasher to peel cereals for the next step.

  • Besides, the pre-cleaner will separate out impurities such as dust, branches and weeds.

  • Then, the conveyor and elevator will automatically feed in the column grain dryer.

  • In the top drying stage, grain undergoes rapid warming by high-heat air which also removes some surface moisture from the granules.

  • The medium-heat stage eliminates large amounts of moisture with hot air. Following these two stages, the temperature of the grain granules increases.

  • Moreover, this low-heat air in the bottom effectively draws out the deeper moisture in crops while preventing the temperature from becoming too high.

  • At last, dry grain pellets come to the cooling stage where it cools sufficiently, reaching safe moisture and temperature levels for direct storage in silos.


What Is The Best Temperature to Dry Grains?2024-01-20T17:15:04+08:00

The optimal temperature to dry grain varies based on the type of grain. In general, it ranges between 80100°C. Our drying tower has a maximum drying temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. Also, it is equipped with advanced temperature control systems to maintain the perfect drying temperature, ensuring your grain is dried evenly and efficiently, preserving its quality and preventing any heat damage.

How Long Does A Drying Tower Take to Dry The Grains?2024-01-20T17:14:04+08:00

Grain drying time in a SX drying tower depends on the initial moisture content and the desired final moisture level. However, the tower’s advanced technology ensures uniform and gentle drying to maintain grain quality. Generally speaking, drying a batch of grain particles in a drying tower may take 2-3 hours. Additionally, for high yields like 500-1,000 tons per day, it can take up to a maximum of 12 hours.

What Fuel Can I Use of Drying Tower?2024-01-20T17:13:07+08:00

Shunxin drying towers are versatile in fuel usage, accommodating a variety of options such as coal, wood, gas LPG or NG, and several biomass types including rice husk, pressed straw bricks, corn cob, coconut shell, wood chip, and coffee hull. The consumption as below: diesel fuel 10 kg/h, natural gas 12m3/h, coal 20 kg/h or electricity 116 kw/h. This flexibility allows you to choose the most economical and accessible fuel for your drying operations, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency in grain drying processes.

Shunxin drying tower will provide you with unparalleled efficient service for large grain projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy our drying towers today to ensure your harvest drying quickly and evenly, reducing losses and increasing efficiency. Please contact us for more drying solutions!

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