Dryer for Fertilizer Production

The installation of the dryer should be in exact conformity with the requirements of the assembly diagram and foundation drawing specifications. As one of the large fertilizer production equipment, rotary drum dryer has many considerations during the installation process. Then, Shunxin will teach you how to install the rotary drum dryer.

What Should You Do Before Installing The Rotary Drum Dryer?

Drying Machine on The Market

Make All The Preparations!

Before installation, you should be familiar with the drawings and relevant technical documents, and understand the structure of drum dryers and technical requirements. Secondly, you can determine the installation and prepare the necessary tools and equipment. Besides, you will make the design and plan in advance to achieve rapid completion of the installation.

Have A Strict Acceptance Inspection!

You should check for completeness and quality of drum dryers’ components in the acceptance of equipment. If you find the insufficient quantity or defective parts, you should notify us in time to try to make up the difference.

Clean The Drum Dryer!

Before the installation of parts, you must clean the components of drum dryers to remove dirt and rust. In addition, you must be familiar with the drawings and understand the structure for the disassembly, so as to prevent damaging the parts of dryers.

Pay Attention to Safe Installation!

In the lifting components process, the crane, the wire rope, the lifting hook and other tools, must be sufficiently safe and balanced. Moreover, the cylinder segments, belts, wheels, and other parts must be firmly fixed on the frame. Besides, while lifting the machine, the rolling bars support the main body and the winding engine drags the dryer. No dragging directly on the ground or the roller bars.

The Installation Procedure of Drum Dryers

Design of Drum Dryer

Drawing Line of Reference & Location

You should draw correctly the cross curve and elevation line on the basic standard plate. Furthermore, you should lay the central standard plate for convenient use. Also, you ought to accurately take into account that the lines will not be covered after installation of the base.

The Base & Wheels

Installing The Base & Wheels

Firstly, you should draw central lines of the base and wheels after leveling the pad iron. Secondly, find their installation position according to the drawings and put them in the correct location. Thirdly, grout the hole. After the concrete achieves a certain strength, you can fasten the foundation bolt, and then attach the fertilizer dryer’s cylinder.

The Cylinder & Rolling Rings

Installing The Cylinder & Rolling Rings

Firstly, install the roller rings on the cylinder of dryers. While fixing,  the concave joints and convex joints are necessary for fastening in one positive and one negative configuration. Secondly, adjust the thickness of the pad iron for keeping spaces between the roller rings and the concave joints. And then you can weld them to the cylinder body with bolts.

Big Gears of Drum Dryer

Installing The Large Gear

Before installation, you may ensure the connector without collision flaws. Then, you can clean the contact surface of the big gear and the cylinder. Next, you should carefully align two halves of the gear and fix it on the cylinder by fastening bolts. Examine the rotary situation of large gear until the calibration is certified.

The Motor of Drum Dryer

Installing Small Gears, Reducer & Motor

According to the big gear’s position, you should adjust the parameters of the big and small gears to meet the technical requirements of the equipment. Also, you can fix the small gears, reducer and motor in the right position.

Gear Cover of Drum Dryer

Installing The Gear Covers

You should make the gear covers evenly far from the edge of the gears.

Above all, there is an overview of the dryer’s installation procedure. While finishing all of the foregoing work, you will do the second grouting. According to Shunxin, grouting should conform to the applicable provisions of the civil engineering design program. The installation and review works about grouting, as well as the commissioning should be conducted synchronously to verify the dryer’s quality.

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