The drum dryer is a drying equipment for disposing a wide range of materials. More importantly, the good operation of a drum dryer, not only ensures the normal production, but also appropriately extends the machine’s service life and reduces production costs. Hence, the correct operation of the equipment as well as maintenance are very necessary.

However, the maintenance of the dryer needs cost. So, how to reduce maintenance cost of drum dryer? We will come up with appropriate insights.

3 Tips to Reduce Maintenance Cost of Drum Dryer

  • Examination Before Starting A Fertilizer Dryer

    Before running the fertilizer dryer, you will primarily make sure whether all of the parts are intact, the lubricant is sufficient, and power cords and switches are in good condition or not. To be honest, these may make dryers run more stably, reduce the probability of equipment failure so that you will get lower equipment maintenance costs.

  • Focusing on Operation Steps

    Please refer to the operation manual we design before using the drying machine to reduce damage caused by human causes. At the same time, when the dryer is running, it is also necessary to check it regularly to see whether the equipment is damaged or lack of lubricating oil. As a result, it can also reduce equipment maintenance costs.

  • Periodic Cleaning Drum Dryer

    After finishing the drying equipment’s works, you need to clean the entire equipment, which can not only ensure the dryer smooth operation, but also improve the service life of this machine. Furthermore, you will undergo a trial, no-load operation before using the rotary drum dryer for the next time. And, you can’t start production until the equipment is normally running.

Important Information

Which Aspects of The Dryers Maintenance You Should Know?

As is well-known, bearings take on all the load of the drying machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the service life of bearings. Besides, it directly affects the service life of the whole machine and the operation rate. Thus, the injection of lubricating oil must be clean and good sealing. What aspects need lubricant injection? These contains rotating bearing, roller bearing, all gears, movable bearing, and sliding plane.

  • Secondly, you must check newly installed rolling rings frequently because they are prone to loosening.

  • Thirdly, pay attention to operation situation of all parts of dryers.

  • Fourthly, focus on checking the wear degree of components, and pay attention to replace worn parts in time.

Lubricant On Gears

Lubricant On Gears

Lubricant On Gears

  • Fifthly, you should remove any sundries and dirt on the base ground where the movable device is placed. Otherwise, the movable bearings cannot move when the dryer encounters obstacles, resulting in serious accidents.

  • Sixthly, if the oil temperature of bearings is too high, you should immediately stop to seek causes and eliminate hidden troubles.

  • Finally, if there is noise when the rotating gears are running, you ought to stop at once for inspection and elimination.


What Are The Contents of Drum Dryers Maintenance Work?

What Are The Contents of Drum Dryers Maintenance Work?

Daily Maintenance

Daily Maintenance

Daily Maintenance

1st Best solution

Daily Maintenance Work

Daily Maintenance Work

  • You can wipe the dryer every day with a soft cotton cloth to keep the appearance clean.

  • You should check the R.L. (air filter, pressure regulating valve & atomized lubricator) before running every day. When lubricating oil is insufficient, you need to add and discharge the stored water.

  • You ought to remove dust from the dust collector for keeping good ventilation, which makes great drying effects.

2nd Best solution

Monthly Maintenance Work

  • 1

    Open the rear box cover to clean the internal part of the dryer with a soft cotton cloth.

  • 2

    Add lubricating oil to moving components like bearings to reduce friction.

  • 3

    Check the belt tension and adjust the pulle

  • 4

    Strengthen the parts whichare prone to loosening while the dryer is vibrating, including electrical circuit and joints.

  • 5

    Clean the internal dust of dryers

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

3rd Best solution

Annual Maintenance Work

Annual Maintenance Work

  • Check whether the fixing bolts of the frame are loose and firm them.

  • Check the tightness situation of the supporting spring connection and adjust it in time.

  • Check the ground connection of the drying equipment and ensure reliability.

In conclusion, the above is dryer’s maintenance content. All in all, the quality of the dryers is directly related to the service life, production efficiency and production safety. In a word, right operation and regular examination are fundamental to reduce production costs. Also, the maintenance and cleaning play an important role in ensuring the normal operation of the drying machine. Therefore, doing a good job of daily maintenance work is of great help to extend the service life of the rotary drum dryer.

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